Alden Embarks on a Marathon Challenge for Yaya Dub #AlDubForYouIWill (Video)

AlDub Saturday

Lola Nidora challenged Alden to run from Broadway to EDSA in 20 minutes with chunks of wood found inside the mystery box. The heartthrob accepted the challenge for the chance to finally see Yaya Dub.

“Kapag gusto mo, paghirapan mo,” says Lola Nidora.

#AlDub Day 27: First Monthsary, First Challenge!

"Kapag gusto mo, paghirapan mo." – Lola Ni Dora#AlDub #KalyeSerye #AlDubForYouIWill

Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, August 15, 2015

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