Drew Arellano is Newest Endorser of Sun Cellular, Invites You to #ChooseBetter

Drew Arellano for Sun Cellular

Did you know that Drew Arellano is a triathlete and he already won various medals in various triathlon competition? Did you know that this dashing TV host is a vegetarian? Did you know that he also owns a barber shop called Gruppo Barbero? I bet you didn’t know these things because we only see Drew on television as one of the hosts of the longest-running morning show “Unang Hirit” on GMA Network and as host of his very own travel show “Biyahe ni Drew” on GMA News TV 11.

Aside from being the husband of host/actress Iya Villania, Drew is also known for being confident, optimistic, practical, and he picks the better choice rather than go with the flow. This is why Sun Cellular picked the handsome TV host to become their newest endorser as he embodies what the Telcom brand is known for, giving value-driven and practical offers.

This is why Drew is inviting you to make the practical choice that’s perfect for your mobile needs. For example, with Sun Postpaid Plan 450 you will get Unli Calls to Sun, Unli Texts to Sun, 250 Texts to Other Networks, 20 Hours of Data, and a brand new smartphone! They call it “Best Value Plan 450” because unlike others, you get a free android phone with this fully-loaded plan. You won’t see a better offer than this one! To learn more about this exciting promo, visit:

And if you are the type who surfs the internet more than call or text then the Non-Stop Surf 450 is the better choice for you. With this plan you get Non-Stop Surfing, 1 GB for streaming and downloading, 1 GB Spinnr, and a free Android phone! For more details about this promo, visit:

Practicality isn’t just the popular choice to make – it’s the best choice! It’s time to #ChooseBetter!

Watch Drew Arellano’s TV commercial for the New Sun Cellular here:

4 Comments on Drew Arellano is Newest Endorser of Sun Cellular, Invites You to #ChooseBetter

  1. ova bulatao // July 7, 2015 at 12:03 pm //

    desperado ang SUN na mapansin, dadamayin pa nila ngayon si drew arellano? buti sana kung ang better nila ay services, e hindi! #ChosBetter

  2. rowena tablatin // July 7, 2015 at 12:03 pm //

    hay nako SUN,gamitin nyo pa si drew. di na kayo naawa sa tao, ipapahamak nyo pa. hindi better deals ang hinahanap ng customers niyo, better signal at better services! ano ba ang “better” sa inyo? #ChosBetter

  3. joy cuchapin // July 7, 2015 at 12:01 pm //

    ano naman ang better sa SUN? nagpaparami lang kayo ng pera, wala namang kapalit na mas maayos na signal. sinong niloko niyo? #ChosBetter
    tapos idadamay pa si drew e jusko nman chaka ang service

  4. ann despi // July 7, 2015 at 11:58 am //

    Aanhin ang postpaid deals kung lagi namang walang signal ang SUN? #ChosBetter yan, hindi “CHOOSE,” ayusin niyo muna signal niyo kaya!
    gamitin pa si drew, tsktsktsk

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