Boobay Joins Drew Arellano in a ‘Chocolate’ Adventure in AHA!

It's Christmas time once again and it's a perfect season to enjoy the sweet taste of chocolates without an ounce of guilt. Chocolates are a common gift item during Christmas and so kapuso host Drew Arellano and commedienne Boobay the Lakwatsera are preparing a boxful of suprises about the all-time favorite comfort food -- chocolate -- in this Sunday's episode of AHA!, an infotainment program which airs on GMA-7.

Drew and Boobay will find out the history of chocolate, how and where it was discovered and how it travelled around the world to conquer the taste buds of mankind. Boobay will unravel the secret of cacao and the processes it goes through as it transforms from roasted seed to the chocolate that melts in our mouth. And by the way, did you know that chocolates are also used in make-ups, shoes, spas etc.?

While chocolates are considered “happy and love food,” these are not for everyone; some people are allergic to it and some simply avoid it for health reasons. What are the benefits and the health risks of eating chocolates? Find out the answers this Sunday in AHA!, airs 9:10am on GMA-7.

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