Padilla Siblings Bring Out the Laughter and Additional Fun in the 2nd Season of ‘2 1/2 Daddies’

Robin with Aryanna

The entire nation has been smitten by the manliness and charm of the Padilla brothers in the likes of Robin and Rommel Padilla, but that this clan of showbiz royalty has been given a softer side with the very much talked about transformation of BB Gandang Hari to a more well-rounded woman. However, that softer and more adorable side of the Padillas had been further enhanced by seeing the Padilla Hot hunks in a more entertaining and adorable way as fathers to an adorable child every Saturdays.

In the hit TV5 Comedy series 2 1/2 Daddies, the Padillas in real life gives way to their on-screen egos as the Pastoran siblings and starting this Saturday, April 25 we see them in whole new exciting phase as the sitcom airs its 2nd season where the Pastoran household, namely siblings Ver (Rommel Padilla), Apol (Robin Padilla, and Eva (BB Gandang Hari) deals with the complications of fatherhood as they face daily challenges in parenting to a now 4-year old Bamba (Introducing Rommel Padilla’s very own daughter, Aryana Padilla).

As the baby is now a young lady, the Pastoran brothers will be thrust in with the different surprises that life has in store for them as Bamba grows before their very eyes.

Rommel with Aryana

The Pastoran daddies will show the true meaning to the saying “Daddy knows best” as they cope up with how a growing child demands for their attention, experience a lot of first such as the kid’s first crush, first encounter with bullying, first school program etc.

Witness how these handsome daddies put their hearts out and be on top of Bamba’s schooling, upcoming birthday celebrations and try their best to answer the awkward twenty-something questions that kids asks about life and anything around the sun.

Enjoy once again the adventures and misadventures on how the Pastoran siblings lives turn even more upside down as they try to find themselves doing unconventional ways to raise a child as they have a different parent-child set-up, while at the same time juggle their priorities, personal affairs and lifestyle for Bamba.

With the entrance of certain colorful characters in their already complicated lives – Apol who has been eager to take his relationship with sexy Maya (Ritz Azul) to a higher level though little does he know, she hides her own set of skeletons in the closet, Ver who finally commits to the love of his life and find himself always torn between choices regarding his girlfriend and Bamba, and Eva whose suitor and soon-to-be boyfriend has no idea of his true identity!

Saturday evenings will definitely be more exciting as the Pastoran siblings will eventually take paths in starting their own family or choose to stay in the Pastoran extended family?

BB and Aryanna

Expect more great comedy and sometimes poignant moments this season with the Pastoran household matriarch Mommy Vi (Celia Rodriguez), rival stage parent Madam Beauty (Cacai Bautista), Dennis Padilla and a lot of exciting celebrity guests in the mix.

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