Fun Before Love in ‘Your Place or Mine’


While most people are hopeless romantics, new ways and concepts about relationship had grown more aggressive and painstakingly sure-footed compared to the once cautious idea of togetherness.

One of the controversial questions during the press conference of the up and coming film about a one night stand-turned-a-journey-forever film YOUR PLACE OR MINE, Director Joel Lamangan, its cast Andi Eigenmann, Andre Paras and Brett Jackson were in the hotseat when they were asked the question “In real life, how do you find the set-up ‘fun before love’ or ‘love before fun’? Here’s what they have to say.

“Ano ba ang fun before love, let’s get straight to it, ‘tap’ before love,” Director Joel Lamangan asks. “Sa totoong buhay, love ba muna agad? Wala naman ganun. Pagnakita ba kita love na kita kaagad? Physically attraction muna kayo, nag-do kayo, tapos ay love ko pala siya. Di ba ganun? Or love na kita, do na tayo. Walang ganun.”

Nineteen-year old Andre Paras, has a different notion regarding what fun is for him.”For me, tama si Direct na fun before love kasi yung fun naman para sa akin I get to know the person more, get to meet the parents more, you get to know each other more. If I were to be in this situation, pipilitin kong ligawan muna yung parents because if you really want the relationship to work, kukunin mo muna yung approval nung parents po.”

According to Andre doesn’t always equate to getting another person to bed with you, in fact he admitted that “I have knowledge of that honestly, my idea of having fun is going out with a friends, group dates or kayong dalawa, but maybe not to the point of being intimate, because that’s when you exchange your soul and your feelings, which is kinda scary for me. I mean, I don’t know, I’m 19 sorry.”

“Ako naman, totoo naman po iyon. May it be in the way Andre said it or the way direct said it, siyempre mauuna muna yung fun, in the sense na makikilala muna yung tao,” Andi explained. “Hindi naman pwede mahuhulog kaagad loob mo sa isang tao in an instant. Although ako at the moment, parang I choose to be alone for now kahit 24 na ako, I have Ellie, my priorities are different now and so what I want is something that would last forever.”

Brett on the other hand, sees both of this situations as a possibility. “I guess depende yun sa situation, I mean like for me I’m a hopeless romantic I believe in the notion of ‘love at first sight’ pero at the same time’ when you meet someone and you really want to have fun with them, you can never tell. When you meet someone, you never know what’s going to happen di ba?”

He was further asked to elaborate if he felt the same way for Andi, whom he had a relationship with during the course of the movie. Brett was admitted that he felt a strong emotions for Andi, and he fell in love with her even more when he knew her more in the course of the film though he informs everybody that he and Andi have decided to remain friends and both are happy with the set-up, as long as they know that they are there for each other, then it works for them.

Sizzling the summer is “Your Place or Mine,” a film based on the famous, best-selling story in Wattpad by Turning Japanese, produced by Viva Films, starring Andi Eigenmann, Andre Paras, Brett Jackson. The film is directed by Joel Lamangan with a screenplay by Keiko A. Aquino.

YOUR PLACE OR MINE will be shown in Theaters nationwide.

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