TV5’s Special Year-Ender ‘Lima Para sa 2014’ Airs Tonight

In the midst of all the post-Christmas celebrations and New Year preparations, TV5 gives viewers a much-welcome break from all the Holiday stress with its special comprehensive year-ender report, “Lima Para sa 2014”, which airs tonight, December 27 (Saturday) at 10:00PM.


With the whole world already raring to welcome the upcoming new year with much enthusiasm and excitement in just a matter of days now, TV5 first gives viewers a look back on 2014 by putting the spotlight on the most unforgettable controversies, issues and personalities who made the headlines and kept people from all walks of life abuzz.

From the thousands of news items that, in one way or another, caught our attention this 2014, TV5’s credible team behind the Network’s regular documentary program “Kaya” will only select and feature the top 5 news story arcs and top 5 newsmakers who were really responsible in shaking not only the country, buy also the entire world, in the past 365 days.

Ultimately, “Lima Para sa 2015” serves to review and appraise what the previous year has contributed to the Filipinos’ collective history, refreshing everyone’s memories in the hope of learning from the past and empowering Filipinos by developing the capacity to rise from the previous year’s problems and issues.

To find out which particular headlines and who among the world’s most infamous and well-loved personalities alike made the ‘list’ of TV5’s special year-ender coverage, be sure to not miss the premiere of “Lima Para sa 2014” happening tonight (Saturday), December 27 at 10:00PM, only on TV5.

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