Pinoy Film ‘EDSA Woolworth’ Starring Pokwang Opens in 41 US and Canada Theaters

TFC@theMovies offers must-see “different” family entertainment film to 41 US and Canada theatres starting this weekend with "EDSA Woolworth."

EDSA Woolworth

The holiday season is here and this has been the time that major film studios roll out their biggest and brightest movies to entertain the family.

The road to Thanksgiving weekend in cinema history has been filled with big screen offerings for everyone in the household: from the mega-box office performers like “Frozen” and “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” to the hilarious Robin Williams starrer, “Mrs. Doubtfire”, and the quirky Jodie Foster-helmed “Home for the Holidays”.

In 2011, ABS-CBN TFC made its intrepid entry into the world of film production with “A Mother’s Story”, also released in November in time for the holidays. This seemingly unassuming, family-oriented movie about an overseas Filipina working mother in the U.S. who sacrifices much for her family in the Philippines surprised many with 18 nominations from the Filipino Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) in 2012. It was also adjudged Best Film at the 2012 Migration Advocacy and Media Awards (MAM) awarded by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

The FAMAS-nominated star and director of “A Mother’s Story” – versatile comedienne actress Pokwang and ABS-CBN Global Head of Theatricals John-D Lazatin, respectively – have teamed up anew for TFC@theMovies’ second film, which will open this Friday, on November 14, in 30 theatres in the U.S. and 11 in Canada as another Thanksgiving theatrical offering for the family.

EDSA Woolworth: The story of a “different” kind of family
What is EDSA Woolworth? Who is EDSA Woolworth?

“EDSA Woolworth is a film that looks into a blended Filipino and American family whose members, at first glance, have everything clashing – personalities, lifestyles, life goals, name it. If you were to match a whole family, this one’s a mismatch. But the journey each member takes to look beyond what doesn’t work and focus on what does – within themselves and with others – is a story that will resonate among many families nowadays. In the end, it’s all about love and values,” said Lazatin.

Lazatin continues: “EDSA Woolworth as a character is Pokwang. In her name alone, you can see already two cultures, two races, put together. It stands out; so do Pokwang’s character and her family in this film, in more ways and reasons than one.”

Lazatin explains why he teamed up with Pokwang anew for the movie. “Pokwang is very relatable,” he said. “Whether she plays bizarre comedic roles or straight up drama, viewers identify or empathize with her characters. She brings passion and authenticity into her roles which connect easily with viewers.”

With the always brilliant funny girl, Pokwang, in the title role, expect generous moments of laugh-till-it-hurts hilarity in EDSA Woolworth. Expect some daring, too, especially with her character’s relationship with charming Chad Bauer, played by American actor Lee O’Brian. Their easy chemistry ignites onscreen and brings the audience into their private space, whether to swoon, laugh or cry.

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