AMA University Trains Students In Software Testing with HP

When AMA University and Colleges wanted to add a software testing module to its ever-growing list of IT degrees, it turned to HP to help deliver the training.

AMA and HP

The new course, which makes AMA more attractive to potential students, not only adds another skill set to the credentials of graduates of AMA’s various IT college degree courses, it also drastically improves their employability, something which Dr. Amable C. Aguiluz IX, vice Chairman of AMA Education System, sees as the main benefit of taking the course. To provide software testing, AMA wanted to work with an external partner. HP was the obvious choice, for AMA already had a strong existing relationship with them, and had been using HP hardware in their computer labsnfor the past three years. HP proposed a training program that met AMA’s need, and the two organizations decided to work together.

AMA and HP 5

AMA and HP 2

AMA and HP 3

AMA and HP 4

Photographed by Allan Sancon on August 13, 2014 at Buddha Bar.

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