Vickie Invites BF Jason Abalos to PBB House, Joshua Confesses His Feelings to Jane

After having lived in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house for more than three months, some of the “PBB All In” housemates are forced to confront matters of the heart that have been bugging them.


Driven by this week’s YOLO (You Only Live Once) theme, Vickie, through Big Brother, invited her boyfriend, actor Jason Abalos to the PBB house so they could talk about the status of their relationship. Vickie has been vocal about her doubts about their relationship since she received a text message from Jason without an “I love you” right after typhoon Glenda tore through the metro. Vickie also earlier suspected that her being teased with celebrity housemate Daniel Matsunaga might have upset Jason.

Big Brother accepted Vickie’s request to see Jason, but only if she wins a task that would determine how long she would be allowed to talk to Jason. If she succeeds, Big Brother will ask Jason to come to the PBB house. Will Jason agree to appear on TV and open up about their relationship?

Teen housemate Joshua, on the other hand, finally confessed to Jane his special feelings for her.

“You’re special to me. I have feelings for you. I love you. I treated you here first, as a friend, but sometimes you can’t avoid liking a person,” Joshua told Jane during their private conversation in the kitchen.

Jane Joshua

Following his confession, Jane told Big Brother that as teenagers, it is not yet the right time for them to talk about love. How will this affect their friendship in the coming weeks?

Tune in to “PBB All In” this weekend for the housemates’ unique process of nomination for eviction, and make sure to watch the program as Big Brother will serve major surprise every day.

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