Gab Valenciano with The Manoeuvres – ‘Legit’ – Super Selfie (Video)

Gab Valenciano scored another YouTube hit with his latest 'Super Selfie' production: "Legit" with the Manoeuvers.


Gab’s latest super selfie–featuring the dance group Manoeuvres dancing to the tune of MC Hammer’s “Legit”–has garnered 257,000+ hits in just 3 days. This is Gab’s fastest hit since the Super Selfie that he made 7 months ago featuring his dad, Gary Valenciano. The said video which was featured in “Good Morning America” and “CBS News” has almost 2 million views to date.

Watch Gab’s latest hit:

3 Comments on Gab Valenciano with The Manoeuvres – ‘Legit’ – Super Selfie (Video)

  1. Pilochi Miyoko // July 24, 2014 at 8:12 pm //

    @Yuck; Okay naman sanang mang-puna ng kapwa! —-KUNG—- mas magaling kang sumayaw kay Gab at mas magaling kang kumanta kay Garry V…pero wala ka namang katalent-talent… wag ka na lang mag droga! masama yan! (rolling eyes)

    …i’m not a fan of them either…

  2. OA at KSP katulad ng tatay nyang arang epeleptic kug kumanta.eeeeeewwww!

  3. Maybe its just me but I don’t find this amusing, as a matter of fact, I think its a bit on the annoying side. No offense, just saying.

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