Pokwang Fights for Love Through Spells in ‘Ipaglaban Mo’

Veteran actress Pokwang (Lovinia) plays a woman accused of plotting an explosion at her husband's house in “Ipaglaban Mo” this Saturday (June 12).

Pokwang IM

Lovinia and Eric’s (Dominic Ochoa) happy marriage was cut short when Eira Bianca (Diane Medina), Eric’s first and legal wife, entered the picture. Eira threatened to sue them if Eric would continue his relationship with Lovinia. This left Eric with no choice but to leave Lovinia.

Lovinia sought help from fortune teller Mistah (Odette Khan), who promised she would bring Eric back to Lovinia through spells.

Little did Lovinia know that Mistah would take matters into her own hands as the latter sent a gift bomb in Eric and Eira’s house. Eric and Eira survived the explosion, but one of their friends unfortunately paid the price and died. Lovinia and Mistah were then identified as suspects. Could Lovinia be held accountable for the crime? Could she be considered an accomplice even though she did not know about Mistah’s plan?

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This week’s episode titled “Umasa Ako Sa Hula” is directed by Erick Salud.

Don’t miss “Ipaglaban Mo,” the drama anthology that empowers Filipinos with knowledge of their legal rights and obligations, hosted by Atty. Jose Sison and Jopet Sison, this Saturday (July 12) after “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN. For more updates follow @IpaglabanMo2 on Twitter, @IpaglabanmoABSCBN on Instagram, and like the Facebook page

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  1. wala pa rin tatalo sa horror stories na katapat nito!

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