Rafa, Shalala, Wilma and Kevin Vie for Last Slot in ‘Celebrity Dance Battle’ Grand Finals

This Saturday, TV5’s Celebrity Dance Battle Wild Card Edition gives a second chance to four former celebrity contestants who will battle it all out on the dance floor for the much-coveted grand finals slot.


Leading the list of returning Celebrity Dance Battle contestants is Cycle 1 transgender beauty and Miss International Queen 2012 titleholder Kevin Balot. Meanwhile, TV host/personality Shalala of Cycle 2 will prove that he truly deserves to be a wildcard contestant. Two more celebrity contestants from Cycle 3 also return in their bid to make it to the final cut: professional model and TV personality Wilma Doesnt and showbiz royalty Rafa Siguion-Reyna.

Who among Kevin Balot, Shalala, Wilma Doesnt and Rafa Siguio-Reyna will secure the wildcard slot to join Gary David, Priscilla Meirelles, Iwa Moto and Ciara Sotto in the Grand Finals? Their performances will have to pass through the expert scrutiny of the panel of Celebrity Dance Battle judges: Dance Guru Douglas Nierras, Dancing Queen Edna Ledesma, Dance Diva G. Toengi and America’s Next Top Model Runner-up Allison Harvard.

Hosted by the one and only dance goddess of Philippine television, Ms Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Semerad twins Anthony and David, Celebrity Dance Battle’s Wildcard Edition airs at 9:15pm this Saturday, June 14.

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  1. Macho dancer sa solutipm gay bar yan sa libertad.

  2. siya pala yun xavier na pinakita sa tunay na buhay ng channel 7 hindi nahihiya si xavier manahan pala macho dancer kasi syempre trabaho lang pera2x lang..

  3. galing ni shalala mukhang inlove na inlove kay xavier manahan macho dancer sa solution gay bar sa libertad.

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