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Meet the characters of TV5's newest sitcom--"One of the Boys"--which is set to premiere tonight, May 3, at 9PM.

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One of the Boys is top-billed by veteran actor and comedian Joey de Leon, who officially makes his much-awaited sitcom comeback after a long 7-year absence. As Daddy Jerry ‘DJ’ Silang, Joey plays the lead role of a hardworking and single father to his three young children. A former London-based OFW, Daddy Jerry is also regarded as a ‘second father’ by the other people around him, including his small group of workers, known as the ‘talyer boys’, in his automotive shop.

In the show, Joey has a close relationship with his only daughter, played by the talented and versatile actress Eula Caballero as Gabriella ‘Gabi’ Silang. Eula’s character, who grew up as the only girl in the company of boys, is known as an excellent mechanic and driver, and eventually took it upon herself to be a professional taxi driver.

Viewers will also be excited to see a whole new side of the five hunks who compose the popular group Juan Direction, as they make their official acting debut in One of the Boys. In their first-ever foray into comedy, the Brinoys (half-British, half-Pinoys) –led by Dan Marsh as Daniel Lennon, together with Charlie Sutcliffe as Charlie McCartney, Michael McDonnell as Michael Harrison and Brian Wilson as Brian Starr – play a group of spoiled brats who were sent to the Philippines by the parents of Charlie (the former employers of Daddy Jerry back in London) to undergo “DJ’s lecture of life”. During their stay in the country, the Brinoys will be experiencing firsthand the simple Pinoy life and the important values and lessons that go along with it. Meanwhile, Henry Edwards as Henry Potter, is a champion racecar driver and plays the key role as the former-bestfriend-turned-rival of Dan.

The sitcom also features the unfolding love story between the tomboyish-acting, but undeniably charming character of Eula and the bratty leader of the Brinoy hunks, played by Dan Marsh. What is initially a cat-and-mouse relationship will eventually transform into what viewers can expect to be their source of weekly of kilig and enjoyment, whenever these two have a scene together.


Also, as no lead character is complete without a sidekick, the funny antics in One of the Boys will be in full display with the comedic tandem of Joey de Leon and Empoy as Aga, who plays a member of the ‘tropang talyer’ who has also secretly developed a crush on Gabi. Rounding up the main cast of One of the Boys are Kapatid Stars Nadine Samonte as Jana Halliwel, and Artista Academy’s Benjo Leoncio as Marvic.

Catch the premiere of TV5’s newest primetime sitcom, One of the Boys, this May 3 at 9:00PM only on TV5!

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