Book Cover Premiere: ‘The Monster Who Stole My Heart’

Lifebooks has revealed the official book cover image of its upcoming pop novel release: "The Monster Who Stole My Heart" by Thea Faye Culaba.


Here’s the teaser from the back cover of the book:

Vanessa isn’t like any other rich girls you know. She enjoys being carefree. Even the mere sight of her favorite jeans and shirts makes her smile. She used to live a pretty normal life before, but her world turned upside-down when she learned that she’ll be married to a guy she never knew. Naging roller coaster ang buhay niya dahil sa pagdating ng binata. She hated this guy from the first day she saw him and considered him a shameless monster. All these time, she thought that getting rid of him is a piece of cake but fate was at play. Ivan is such a persistent soul and Vanessa was clearly caught off-guard. He wasn’t just any monster. He is a monster who would go against everything just to steal the thing that she has been protecting for so long now-–her heart.

This April, “The Monster Who Stole My Heart” will be available in all branches of National Bookstore (under Philippine Fiction category), Powerbooks, Pandayan Bookstore, and Fully Booked nationwide. For other kilig books, follow Lifebooks on Facebook ( and Twitter (

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  1. Rhealyn Rose Almonte Bautista // March 24, 2014 at 10:21 am //

    Sana mabasa kco to :(( hmmp !
    aheeeeeeyyy ???

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