Fatima Soriano and Fr. Jerome Marquez Team Up to Give Inspiration to DZMM Listeners

Unburden your hearts and reflect on the words of the Lord through the heartwarming stories and experiences shared by inspirational speaker and singer Fatima Soriano and Fr. Jerome Marquez, SVD in “Lights Moments” on DZMM, Saturdays at 10PM.

Fr Fatima

Twenty-year-old Fatima officially joined Mega Manila’s number one AM radio station to continue giving hope and lift the spirits of the troubled, something she has been doing since she was a child. Born blind, the young visionary is known for her steadfast and infectious faith and has travelled to different provinces and countries to speak about the Lord.

“The simple concept of ‘Light Moments’ is ‘light,’ for people to unburden and welcome God back into their hearts. It’s something to make them smile and give them hope, to remind them that there is a God who loves them,” said Fatima.

“Wherever they are, we want to bring God to them as we bring them closer to God,” she said.

Fatima has gone through tough times that only made her faith in God stronger. At age nine, she was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure that forced her to undergo dialysis five times a day.

“I found God in the midst of trials, in pain and in suffering. It’s such a big inspiration for me to continue what I’m doing, to be an instrument to pass on the Lord’s love, joy, and peace to people in need,” said Fatima.

Through “Light Moments,” Fr. Jerome seeks to constantly remind listeners and viewers of that God is always present in everything they’re going through. This, according to him, is his and Fatima’s task.

“As a priest and missionary, I feel the need of people, their hunger and thirst for the words of our Lord. How we get the message out there is a constant challenge. In the program, we’re going to give what people are looking for,” said Fr. Jerome.

Fr. Jerome, a Canon lawyer and the parish priest of Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, admitted his faith is constantly tested even though he’s served God for decades as a priest.

“I lived for three years on the Smokey Mountain, we set up a foundation for those who didn’t finish school. My experience in leading communities, providing them the education, faith, and the word of the Lord – they are the ones who give me inspiration,” he revealed.

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