WeChat Takes Smartphone Craze to Next Level with 1st Game ‘Gunz Dash’

WeChat 5.1 will bring arcade bliss to your smartphone with the launch of its first ever game called "Gunz Dash"!

Gunz Dash

When I was a kid, I’m addicted to Super Mario Bros. 3, an immensely popular game created by Nintendo for the now extinct ‘Family Computer.’ When playing this game, you’ll choose if you want to become Mario and Luigi and then embark on an epic adventure to save Princess Toadstool and the rulers of seven different kingdoms from the antagonist named Bowser, and his children, the Koopalings. Needless to say, I was able to finish this game after thousands of attempts.

When I entered High School, my addiction shifted to video arcades. With the introduction of RPGs (Role Playing Games) like X-Men and Street Fighter, I found myself moving forward to what technology has to offer to this hunger that turned me into a slight geek until college. Gameboy, Play Station, XBox, PSP – name it, I owned it. Well, except for the Wii.

Well, my point is, playing games pretty much consumed most of my childhood to teenage years. When I started working, I let my nephews and nieces inherit those machines together with hundreds of game cartridges which include “Silent Hill,” “Marvel Superheroes,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Tekken,” “Halo,” “Alone in the Dark,” etc., because my schedule wont allow me to play them anymore.

Now that my time is dedicated for blogging and business, I only play games on my smartphone when I need to kill time like for example when I’m stuck in traffic, when I’m on the plane, when riding the MRT and whenever I need to wait for something like at the restaurant after ordering food, waiting a friend to arrive, and the likes.

What’s great about smartphone games is that my favorite social media app–WeChat–is introducing games in the latest update (5.1), dubbed as the next level in the evolution of video games. Going beyond social networking and location-based functions that have made it the choice of over 272 million active users worldwide, WeChat now makes things even more engaging with its first game offering, GunZ Dash. It’s an RPG game – something that brings back childhood memories!

Speed through a Fantasy Universe

One of WeChat’s first four titles is “Gunz Dash”—an arcade game which lets players embark on exciting adventures in a fantasy universe. The escapade starts by letting you choose your favorite hero like:

Cute and Clumsy Kattie

gunz dash

Blonde Beauty Nikita

gunz dash 2

Passionate and Strong Leo

gunzdash 3

Blaze a trail with your choice of vehicles, additional gears, and helpful buddies such as helpful Scarlet, lofty Cherry, or coin-boosting Husky!

gunz dash 4

gunz dash 5

gunz dash 6

gunz dash 8

You can even personalize your gaming experience by customizing your music and effects while embarking on your quest.

gunz dash 9

After choosing your weapons and tweaking your settings, your adventure begins in earnest in this fantasy universe by sliding, jumping, beating challenges, collecting coins, and of course, winning the crown!

gunz dash 10

To up the ante even further, invite your friends, dash with them, and then share your scores on WeChat to spark future battles. After all, what’s more fun than playing and competing with your buddies? Whether in solo or multiplayer mode, users can update their contacts with their scores as they speed through worlds in this exciting 2D animated, side-scrolling race game.

gunz dash 11

On top of Gunz Dash and Game Center, the latest 5.1 WeChat upgrade comes with enhanced features, which allow users to support the latest platforms of iOS and Android, use group messaging to converse with a regular of 40 users or join at most two sized-up group chats with up to 100 users each. This update also lets users register with an email address instead of a phone number, link WeChat to Google with Gmail Contact Integration, edit ‘Favorite Messages’ via a cloud-based storage device, clear data, and export chat history, tell stories through photos, personalized watermarks and frames via StoryCam for WeChat, and delight in new expressions—all free and localized—with the app’s new animated sticker sets at Sticker Shop.

Now truly a more personal experience than ever, video games have indeed evolved. With Gunz Dash on WeChat 5.1, you can customize how you play, what you hear, and the character that represents you, among other options you’re given. So take that plunge into the fantastic world of Gunz Dash on WeChat 5.1 right now and join the next step in video game evolution!

Here’s a game preview for Gunz Dash:

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  1. “Gunz Dash” as WeChat’s first-ever game = FALSE. It’s WE-LINK (in China), and Pencil Pilot (internationally).

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