‘Bride for Rent’ Movie Review

There was no way to review ‘Bride For Rent’, the new comedy flick starring Kim Chiu and Xian Lim without comparing it with their first movie together, ‘Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo,’ which was released in August 2013.


In most cases, the second film suffers from the standards or the success bar set by the first one. But I think ‘Bride For Rent’ is one of only a few exception. It is actually better than the previous one.

While we enjoyed ‘Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo‘ (check out our movie review here), we pointed out some lope holes in the drama that was infused in the film plus the monologues present in almost all Star Cinema films. Glad to know that these elements were eliminated in ‘Bride For Rent’.

Though the first film’s success banked on the ‘Kakikayan’ of Chiu like we pointed out, the new one still included Chiu’s comedic charisma but she did it here differently, plus she portrays a more mature character that fits the film’s ‘wedding’ theme perfectly. Chiu is as charismatic as she is in real life and her comedy is getting stronger. If we saw a great chemistry with her and onscreen (question mark here) partner Lim before, it is a lot stronger here as the two were able to showcase strong bonding, and a deeper relationship in real life maybe. Did we mention that Lim is even hotter now? And Chiu, even more beautiful?

The once hesitant-for-kissing-scenes Chiu, has offered a lot of herself kissing Xian in this one, which has made the film more believable, and yes, more ‘nakakakilig’ for their fans and followers.


3 Comments on ‘Bride for Rent’ Movie Review

  1. This movie is worth watching… MUST SEE.

    A lot of lessons to learn. I so love it!

  2. 22M first day not bad?aabot to ng 150M in two weeks lalo nagdagdag ngtheaters. sure ako palabas yan ditto sa North America dahil SC produce. dagdag kita na naman yan.

  3. We really really enjoy the movie w/ my bf,.,so funny and i love thier tandem talaga…congrats for the success!kim-xian…please have some another movie..d kayo nakakasawang panoorin!!

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