Sam Milby Survives 8 Years of Gay Rumors

Sam Milby has spent 8 years in the local show business and if there's one thing in the industry that he found it most difficult to deal with, it is the never-dying issue about his sexuality.


Kimmy Dora’s latest leading man revealed this in an interview with for his MMFF entry that rumors about him being gay made his showbiz career more challenging.

“There had been a lot of issues about my past relationships but the one that I keep hearing about until now is something about… sexuality. They can think whatever they want. I just don’t fight. No matter what you say, people will always choose to think whatever they want,” Sam said.

Upon going into the details of the issue, his co-star Eugene Domingo interrupted that she is sure Milby is straight. “‘Hwag niyo nang question-in. Expert ako sa ganyan. Madami akong friends na ganyan. Solid to… and wild,” she said with a laugh.

In the middle of 2013, news broke that actor Derek Ramsay called Sam Milby gay. In Jobert Sucaldito’s radio show “Mismo” on DZMM, the showbiz reporter revealed that Derek Ramsay was trying to impress a young actress-singer. When Derek found out that the girl is close to Sam, he reportedly asked the girl, “Why Sam? He is Gay?” Sucaldito wrote a report after though that Ramsay texted him to deny the story.


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  1. it is not a gay rumor! It’s a FACT!!! As if all Filipino showbiz oriented did not know that fact for many years now??? Hahaha

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