TV5 is No. 1 in Social Media (Video)

A recent study identifies TV5 as the leading broadcast network in the Philippines in terms of social media engagement.


A leading publication, Adobo Magazine, in an article cited Hong Kong-based research firm Ci-8 Social Media Research whose research showed that TV5 was substantially boosted by its high level of Facebook fan engagement, giving the network a social media Share of Voice (SOV) of 45% compared to GMA’s 35% and ABS-CBN’s 20%.

The article credited TV5’s high SOV ranking to the network’s Facebook mentions which “contributed 26% of mentions on its own page, while GMA and ABS-CBN’s share came in at just 2% or under on this score.” The Ci-8 research results also cited the notable gender balance in TV5’s social media audience compared to the predominantly male-skewed GMA and the largely female ABS-CBN audiences. To date, TV5’s Facebook page has a total of almost 1.7 M fans, a feat for the young network which only started its Facebook page in 2010.

Media observers have noted a significant relationship between online audiences and a TV network’s popularity. According to a separate Nielsen Pinoy Netizen Study (based on National Urban data from Q3 2012), there has been a 45% growth in the number of potential 3-screen users since the last quarter of 2010, driven by increased Internet usage among ABC households, Teens and 20-29 year olds. The same study also discovered that 10M Filipinos now go online to share or consume media content, a fact that is most favorable to TV5 in line with the network’s dedicated efforts to synergize all media platforms to address the needs of the growing population of multi-screen users.

TV5 as the country’s foremost champion of digital broadcasting has come up with some notable achievements in this field – including the award-winning Traffic Navigator, News5Everywhere, Interaksyon app, Pinoy Hoops app, Kristn app, and Balut radio. The network will also soon launch another groundbreaking application that will revolutionize the way Filipinos watch television: the TV5 App which introduces the Philippines’ first Second Screen Experience that will provide Filipinos with exclusive supplementary content on their mobile devices while they watch TV5’s shows. Going into beta this month, the TV5 app also has a chat function where communities of TV5 viewers can interact in real-time and discuss currently airing episodes thus further boosting the Pinoy’s social media habit.

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