Judy Ann Santos Brings Inspiration to Families Through New Game Show ‘Bet On Your Baby’

In a family treat with a message that is very much close to her heart, acclaimed television personality and hands-on mother Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo stands proud to share both education and enjoyment as host of the Philippines’ newest game show “Bet On Your Baby”.

Judy Ann

Seeing it fit for how she is and who she is, Judy Ann has been especially excited venturing into this new project, which is designed for families with children aged two to three and a half years old. Through a series of games, it aims to prove the importance of having a strong bond between parents and their kids.

“When the show was presented to me, and when I got the whole feel of ‘Bet On Your Baby’, I was so entertained by seeing how they kids were really just playing,” said Judy Ann, who found a great sense of enjoyment from her first taping sessions. Aside from that, the show’s games are designed in ways that allow for the children to learn while playing, making her even more eager to take on being the show’s host.

Being an advocate of creating strong connections with her children, she finds a certain thrill in discovering what they’re capable of on a daily basis, which she also sees in what her guests bring to the floor. According to Judy Ann, “There’s a point of conversation with you and the parents that join the show. We can relate to each other.”

Judy Ann also immediately took a liking to the kids that she has met through the show so far. “It’s easy to love the program because you’re dealing with babies, and you can’t go wrong with that,” she said.

This connection that she formed with the families that she has met on the show so far is one that she hopes will branch out to inspire other Filipino families, especially with the show presenting techniques that parents and children can take into their own homes.

“I’m just hopeful that we can inspire people to enjoy having their kids around. ‘Bet On Your Baby’ is here to help parents enjoy their kids more. Besides, being a parent, I learned that when it comes to your children, you don’t want to miss any moment. It’s important to be beside them in whatever they go through. I think when you come to that point, it’s true that you become selfless. It’s true that you smile without reason. All of a sudden, there’s so much more value in your being alive.”

Judy Ann with Babies

“Bet On Your Baby”, hosted by Judy Ann Santos, is set to hit Philippine television this October. For updates on the program, visit and like “Bet On Your Baby” on Facebook ( and follow @betonyourbabyph on Twitter or betonyourbabyphilippines on Instagram.

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