‘Judy Ann Santos: Her Royal Journey on TV’ Airs on Jeepney TV

Serving as an example and as inspiration to many in the entertainment industry, Jeepney TV celebrates the unique talents of Judy Ann Santos in the original Jeepney TV special, “Judy Ann Santos: Her Royal Journey on TV”—detailing her young beginnings all the way up to her much-anticipated return to the acting scene in her upcoming teleserye, “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala”.

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Judy Ann Santos began as a child actress, first making her professional television debut in “Kaming Mga Ulila” (1986). Her first leading role in a television series was in “Ula, Ang Batang Gubat” (1988), where she starred in the title role. She got her biggest break when she played the role of Mara in ABS-CBN’s “Mara Clara” in 1992. Over the years, Judy Ann has endeared herself to millions of TV viewers in a wide range of different characters such as Esperanza, Krystala, Ysabella, and many more. Her different roles in these favorite television shows eventually earned her the undisputed title of Teleserye Queen.

In “Judy Ann Santos: Her Royal Journey on TV”, Jeepney TV takes you along the path that the Teleserye Queen went through, retracing the journey of the girl who grew up before everyone’s eyes to become one of the most revered actresses in the industry. This is spiced up by interviews with people she has worked with. such as her former co-stars Piolo Pascual, Gladys Reyes and Wowie de Guzman, her long-time manager Alfie Lorenzo and her renowned directors Laurenti Dyogi and Jose Javier Reyes, who all had nothing but admiration for the actress.

“I wouln’t be where I am if not for Juday,” Piolo says. “If not for her, my showbiz career wouldn’t be what it is. She is the real soap opera queen.”

Wowie de Guzman also speaks of her commitment to her craft, “People can quickly relate to her. Her dedication and love for what she does is incomparable.”

“As an actress, she is professional,” as put by Gladys Reyes. “She is the most genuine actress.”

Get an insider’s look into the story behind the success of Judy Ann Santos and discover why she is considered to be TV royalty on Jeepney TV’s “Judy Ann Santos: Her Royal Journey on TV”, airing under the channel’s “Let’s Go, Linggo!” banner this Sunday (June 16) at 9:00 PM. Jeepney TV is available on SkyCable Channel 9 and in leading cable systems nationwide.

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