CineFilipino Short Films – Movie Posters and Trailers

Aside from the 8 feature films that will debut today, September 18, the 1st CineFilipino Festival will also feature 10 short films. Check out the posters and trailers of the 10 entries for this category after the jump...

Alkansiya by Joan Cajes

Udoy aspires to be in school, so he rummages over garbage in exchange for money; his dream depends on whether or not he fills his coin jar.

Cast: Ker Ortiz, Mona Nigparanon, Gregg Tecson, Michael Quirante, Francil Silva
Produced by: Peter Cleopas/ Screenplay by: Joan Cajes/ Editor by: Edwin Correa/ Cinematographer: Paul Halili/ Music by: Michelle Sudarsono/ Production Design by: Allan Obenza

Joan Cajes hails from the island province of Bohol, where she was born and raised. Her passion for film and filmmaking came about when she enrolled in the Diploma Program in Filmmaking at the International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT), located in Cebu.


Kathang Isip by Jo Paulo Madarang

Kathang Isip
A young girl from a remote province struggles with her fears only to realize that fear doesn’t thrive anywhere except in the mind.

Cast: Ac Vergara, Bambi Beltran, Gregg Tecson

Produced by: Francine Ramona Turingan, Miguel Aragon/ Screenplay by: Jops Madarang/ Edited by: Jops J. Madarang/ Cinematographer: T.M Malones/ Music by: Areza Riandra, Troy Evangelista, Prince Jurelle David/ Production Design by: Joan Cajes


Last Call by Khalil Bañares

Last Call
Last call for drinks, last chance for love.

Cast: Marlann Flores, Bryan Santos

Produced by: Linn Oeymo, Khalil Joseph Banares/ Screenplay by: Linn Oeymo, Khalil Joseph Banares/ Edited by: Emmanuel Escalona Jr./ Cinematographer: Emmanuel Escalona Jr./ Music by: Archimedes Asis

Khalil Joseph Banares is a photographer, writer, and an entrepreneur. He’s currently a graduating student of Marketing from the Entrepreneurs School of Asia. He likes listening to rock music, reading short stories and embarking on adventures. His choice of adventure this time, would be filmmaking. After a couple of workshops with the Independent Filmmakers Cooperative, he decided to jump in and make a short film with Linn.


Logaritmo by Kimberly M. Ocariza


A student laments on national issues and scrutinizes inquiries through her second video log.

Cast: Voice of Bembem
Screenplay by: Kim Ocariza/Edited by: Kurt Barcelona/ Cinematographer: Kim Ocariza, Dhines Laruga

Kim Ocariza is currently studying Electronics Engineering at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City. She ventured into filmmaking after randomly attending a series of lectures during the International Film Expo spearheaded by the Film Development Council of the Philippines at a mall in Davao City and after watching a certain documentary film. Logaritmo is her second short film after her first attempt at filmmaking with her debut for Sinetenista- a festival sponsored by certain organizations at her previous university.


Ligaw by Pam Reyes

“Ligaw” is a story about a young couple’s love on new year’s eve.

Cast: Annicka Dolonius, Alwyn Uytingco, Amandine Tilkin, Paul Crowell

Produced by: Mary Ann L. Reyes, Pamela L. Reyes/ Screenplay by: Pamela L. Reyes/ Edited by: Pamela L. Reyes/ Cinematographer: Pamela L. Reyes/ Music by: Pepe Manikan/ Production Design by: Pamela L. Reyes


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