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Mabuhay ang Pilipinas by Bor Ocampo

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas
A promise of love broken by the promise of a good life.

Cast: Bor Ocampo, Japo Parcero, Sublime Zoe, Iain Goulding

Produced by: Bor Ocampo, Rob De Guzman, Mikee dela Cruz/ Screenplay by: Bor Ocampo, Mikee dela Cruz/ Edited by: Mikee dela Cruz, Bor Ocampo/ Cinematographer: Bor Ocampo, Mikee dela Cruz/ Music by: Ramon Mayor/ Production Design by: Mikee dela Cruz

Bor Ocampo is a philosophy graduate from the University of the Philippines who also studied Film and Theater Arts. He wouldn’t hesitate to shoot himself like crazy for a story that he thinks needs to be seen on screen.


Onang by JE Tiglao

The story of a young girl names Onang who lived at the mountaintop of Ilocos Sur with her father, Tatang.

Cast: Yssa Ramos, Ronnie Lazaro, Rhea Jaruda, Winifredo Balasi
Produced by: Ju’an Sarong/ Screenplay by: JE Tiglao/ Edited by: Laser Diaz, Benjamin Tolentino/ Cinematographer: Box Seblario/ Music by: Jett Sayno/ Production Design by: Abraham Caguioa

JE Tiglao is a film director, writer, cinematographer and an editor. He is one of the youngest Filipino independent filmmakers in the Philippines. He graduated at New Era University taking up Mass Communication. During his college days, he made one documentary film, two short films and one full feature film. His student films were selected in many nationwide student film festivals.


Princess Urduja by Tiffanie Ang

Princess Urduja
A fantasy-drama film that interweaves the story of a soldier’s wife and Pangasinan’s legendary warrior as the two characters face an uncertain future.

Cast: Ian Galliguez, Sabel Avendaño, Kyle Banzon, Valerie Santos, Julianne Cornelio, Salvador Ang

Produced by: Salvador Tin Ang, Cristie Munda Ang/ Screenplay by: Tiffanie Munda Ang/ Edited by: Tiffanie Ang/ Cinematographer: Owen Berico/ Music by: Raffy Magsaysay/ Production Design by: Aise Hernandez, Kweng Aguirre

Tiffanie Ang is a recent graduate of University of the Philippines Film Institute and graduated with honors even since pre-school. Her path as a filmmaker started with her passion for photography and her experiences in filmmaking include a wide array of tasks from logistics, art department and postproduction in several thesis films as well as mainstream productions.


Sangandaan by Jose Ibarra Guballa, Bienvenido Ferrer III

Late at night, a guy walking along a seemingly safe and peaceful subdivision, meets different girls who lead him to his inescapable fate, unaware of the repercussions of his past actions.

Cast: Zaf Masahud, Ashley Gosiengfiao, Bettina Santos, Gel Ybardolaza, Jose Ibarra Guballa, Manuel Tinio, Jong Cardenas, Gio Puyat
Produced by: Aiess Alonso, Jono De Rivera, Jen De Los Santos & Jon Hee/ Screenplay by: Benjo Ferrer/ Edited by: Benjo Ferrer/ Cinematographer: Mon Garilao/ Music by: Nicco Saliva/ Production Design by: Frances Mortel
Bienvenido “Benjo” Ferrer III is a graduate of BA Film in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. His first short film “Huling Araw ng Pagsi-silbi”/”Last Day of Service” (2011) was in the 12th Cinemanila International Film Festival.
Jose Ibarra “Jiggy” Guballa is a graduating BA Film student from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. He had been directing and acting in stage plays since he was in high school in Ateneo. Most recently he had performed for “Shaharezade Theatre Company”.


World Ipis by Kristin Barrameda and Joana Carla Ubaldo

World Ipis
This is a story about a cockroach who decides it is time for cockroaches to reign over the world. Sadly, his dreams are not enough.

Cast: Jan Michael Jamisola

Produced by: Mr. Dolcisimo Barrameda, Mrs. Melba Barrameda, Mr. Francisco Ubaldo, Mrs. Yolenia Ubaldo/ Screenplay by: Kristin Parreño Barrameda, Joana Carla Martinez Ubaldo/ Edited by: Kristin Parreño Barrameda, Athena Czarina Generoso, Joana Carla Martinez Ubaldo/ Cinematographer: Joana Carla Martinez Ubaldo/ Music by: May Carlo Manalaysay/ Production Design by: Anna Francesca Espiritu

Kristin Parreño Barrameda and Joana Carla Martinez Ubaldo have been friends since theyshifted to BA Film and Audio Visual Communication in 2008. Both interested in animation, they decided to work on their thesis requirement as a team. World Ipis was brought to life with their combined take on film and art, humor, social understanding, and that certain want to make cockroaches stars. Having left UP for a year now, Kristin is working as a copywriter at an advertising firm while Joana is enhancing her painting skills and building her portfolio. They plan to make another animated film soon.

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