Imelda Marcos Wants Bongbong to Run for President in 2016

Ilocos Norte congresswoman Imelda Marcos reveals to Anthony Taberna that she wants her son Senator Bongbong Marcos to run for president in 2016 this Thursday (September 12) in “Tapatan Ni Tunying”

The former first lady wants his unico hijo to follow the footsteps and continue the legacy of his father, the late former president Ferdinand Marcos, as she believes Bongbong is fit for the position.

“As his mother, I sent him to the best schools. He has an impressive track record and and a good vision for the country. What I like most about my children is that they love this country so much,” she stated.

The 84-year old Imelda also said that she has no plans of retiring yet.

“I don’t want to waste away my experience in serving the people. The government’s potential depends on the people’s commitment to help,” she said.

Despite Imelda’s support and encouragement, Bongbong said he remains uncertain about his presidential bid.

“When I was young, I really didn’t want to be involved in politics. I would always tell myself: why I should get into politics when my father already became president? Besides, running the country is not easy. So I really avoided it at first,” he said.

In the interview, Bongbong also answers questions regarding his family’s alleged ill-gotten wealth, which he considers a possible major problem if he runs for a higher government position.

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  1. Wayne Moises // December 1, 2014 at 2:37 pm //

    He is the son of the late president Ferdinand Marcos senator and politician he is the 57 year old former governor of Ilocos Norte former congressman now he is running
    for president under the center-right Nacionalista Party standard bearer to restore the glory of
    Philippine democracy unity peace and prosperity for the entire Philippines to lead the country once again the legacy of the Marcos family. Thanks for the information . From:Wayne

  2. manahimik nalang kayo,advance yang mga comment nyo,malay natin di sya katulad ng ama nya,mga kupal talaga kayo,di naman kayo jugde,husga kayo ng husga mga bwesit kayo,go go go boing bong for presedent of the philippines…………..

  3. hope people wont get decieved of accepting bribes and remember all the politicians selfish ambitions. people started suffering during the marcos era. to the marcoses……please enough is enough! you’re already very rich! what else do you want?

  4. Go for President! 🙂

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