‘Banana Split: Extra Scoop’ Tackles Pork Barrel, DNA Testing and Christmas this Saturday

The “ber” months have finally arrived, and the cast of “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” are here to usher in the joys of the upcoming season by bringing loads of laughter with their takes on current events.

Pooh on Banana Split Extra Scoop

The night kicks off with Donya Bading (Jayson Gainza) as Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and the fun continues on as the cast goes into a “Make Me Rap” segment. Aside from these, “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” plays up the situation of one of today’s hottest young actors who is involved in an issue regarding DNA testing.

The celebration of the “ber” months doesn’t stop there, as the show even gets to the point of talking politics and one of the cast members gives a much-awaited impersonation of the woman behind the widely talked about Pork Barrel scam. To bring even more laughter, stand-up comedians Tammy Brown and Pepay also add to the night’s festivities.

Catch all these and more on “Banana Split: Extra Scoop” as it airs this Saturday (September 7) on ABS-CBN Channel 2 after “Toda Max”.

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