Ryan Bang Becomes Emotional after Birthday Surprise in Banana Split

Ryan Bang, known to be a funny and jolly guy didn’t know how to react when his Banana Split family threw him a surprise for his birthday. They invited a person dear to him and has played a big part in his life.

“We were very close. Both of us were really makulit,” said Ryan, pleasantly surprised by the unannounced visit of this special person.

The 21-year-old celebrant also made a wish – to be a part of a film with his showbiz family. “I wish to have a movie with my friends from It’s Showtime and Banana Split, it would be fun.”

His It’s Showtime and Banana Split family celebrated his birthday with him. “I didn’t have a big birthday party because it’s costly.”

According to the birthday boy, this party with his friends for three years was enough and that he will just use the money to visit his mother in Korea.

Meanwhile, Ryan invites viewers to watch Banana Split and find out more about him through his mysterious visitor. “Please watch it. It’s very touching,” he said.

Catch Ryan’s birthday special and the laughs brought by the Banana Split gang this Saturday (June 23), after PBB Teen Edition 4 on ABS-CBN.

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