PBB Teen Big Four Girls Grace ‘Banana Split’

PBB Teens Big Winner Myrtle with Karen, Joj and Jai will join the cast of Banana Split this Saturday (July 14) in scripting out funny and witty lines that will make everyone laugh hard.

The dancing talent of the big four girls will be tested as they portray energetic cheer leaders with Sunshine, Saicy and Aiko on the comedy show’s opening number. Fresh from their biggest stint yet, Kuya’s girls are ready with their cheer leading outfit and pompoms to show their dancing prowess after being watched by everyone via Pinoy Big Brother.

Meanwhile, Angelica Panganiban, John Prats and Zanjoe Marudo will be put on the hot seat in their “Hot Issue” segment. Spoofs with sizzling issues today will also be featured; the rumfus of a talent manager and a former actress, and the retirement of a famous Filipino basketball legend.

Also, get your ears ready as the gang sings the theme songs of famous teleseryes “Walang Hanggan”, “Lorenzo’s Time” and many others with a funny twist.

The Banana Split family will also highlight a special tribute for the one and only “Comedy King” Dolphy at the end of the show.

All of these and many more in another fun and exciting episode of “Banana Split” this Saturday (July 14) after “TODA Max” only here on ABS-CBN.

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