Sor Apao – Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Battle Royale

Get to know more about Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide Hall of Famer Sor Apao, the Soulful Biritera from Iligan. Will she become the 4th Ultimate Talentado?


Sor Apao, who started when she is 4 years old, hails from Iligan City, Davao. She would often join school programs and singing contests. Though difficult, Sor tried her best to juggle both school and performing. When she was in high school, she would travel two hours from their hometown just so she can practice.

Sor admitted that she is shy and introverted. However, she transforms to a more confident person once she is on stage.

Her siblings are all working in the field of medicine. Sor took up nursing in college because her parents wanted her to pursue a career in medicine. They were not too keen with the idea of singing as a profession. But Music is Sor’s passion and to convince her parents, she showed that she is a responsible daughter—juggling her studies with her passion for singing.

Sor has passed the licensing exam. She is now a registered nurse doing volunteer works with Red Cross. Her whole family now supports her dream to sing.

She joined Talentadong Pinoy to prove to herself that she can battle with the best performers in the country. She was a wildcard finalist from the previous season. But she was beaten by last year’s finalist Dancing is Fun.

Not one to lose hope, she rejoined Talentadong Pinoy this season and gave it her all. Her journey Talentadong Pinoy made her realize that it takes courage to follow your heart. A lot of people would set aside their dreams for practical reasons, but she insisted and persevered in reaching her dreams.

Watch Sor Apao perform one last time in the “Battle Royale” of Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide this Sunday, August 18, 7:00pm at the Cuneta Astrodome with live telecast on TV5.

To vote for Sor Apao, text TP2 and send to 5656.

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