7 Champions Clash in ‘Talentadong Pinoy Battle Royale’

Seven of the finest Filipino talents from the Philippines and all over the world will battle for the chance to be the fourth Talentadong Pinoy Ultimate Talentado. Sor, Laserman, Rina Forbes, Larvae, Spyro Marco, Noctunal and Haina Udin will showcase their amazing talents Battle Royale style LIVE at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City on August 18.


Hailing from Iligan City, Davao, Sor Apao started singing as early as she is 4 years old. Admittedly shy and timid, she shares that she becomes a different person once she starts belting notes on stage. Besides her amazing talent in singing, her determination to reach her dreams pushed her to join again in this year’s season of Talentadong Pinoy.

Laserman, or JB Dela Cruz in real life, has been a fan of illusionist David Copperfield since he was 8 years old. He lived an ordinary life supporting his family and working hard as their breadwinner. However, he realized that the magic cannot be outgrown and that it is his true passion. As a founder of a volunteer group for sick and poor kids, JB joined Talentadong Pinoy to be able to share more magic to the lives of these children.

Rina Forbes considers being one of the Hall of Famers as her biggest achievement. With music as her passion, the young Rina joined church choirs and studied various lyric sheets to train her voice. People began recognizing her talents and soon, she was given opportunities to sing outside the country. Rina dedicates all her performances to God as a way of thanking Him for all His blessings.

Despite all the bullying and ridicule they received, the members of contortionist group Larvae remained positive and taught themselves all the things they know about acrobatics and contortionism. Because of their incredible talent, they got a college scholarship and continue to make their families proud until today.

Marco, even though born from New York, USA, never lost the Filipino values taught by his parents. His interest to play the Chinese yo-yo started when he saw one at a trip to Disneyworld. Bullied as a child, he started regaining his confidence as he performs his self-taught yo-yo tricks. When they went back to the Philippines, his lola witnessed his incredible talent as a yo-yo player and encouraged him to audition for Talentadong Pinoy.

While mixing traditional Filipino dances with Hip-Hop made Nocturnal stand-out from other hip-hop dance groups, their determination and discipline as a team brought them to the Talentadong Pinoy Battle Royale rounds. The group would even sell “bote-dyaryo” to earn money so they can commute to practices and competition – proving to everyone that winning the championship means everything for the group.

The first winner of Talentadong Pinoy Middle East, Haina Udin, shared that she is willing to leave her life in Qatar if she bags the title from Talentadong Pinoy Battle Royale. She believes that winning the title would open more opportunities for her singing career. She once joined and won the World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA).

Who will be this season’s Ultimate Talentado? Witness the clash of the finest Filipino talents at Talentadong Pinoy Battle Royale on August 18 – LIVE at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City.

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  1. Where can we buy tickets for TP Battle Royale? and how much the price of tickets?

  2. good luck to all contestant… Super talented..

  3. Ang Larvae na yun… sumali dati sa PGT…

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