Alex Gonzaga’s ‘MMK’ is Weekend’s Highest-Rating Program

ABS-CBN's undisputed drama anthology "Maalaala Mo Kaya" continues to rule weekend primetime TV as proven by its recent episode last Saturday (August 3) that featured the "MMK" debut of returning Kapamilya actress-host Alex Gonzaga.

Alex Gonzaga with Slater Young in 'MMK' this Saturday

Based on the weekend data from Kantar Media, the Don Cuaresma-directed heavy drama episode garnered an impressive 38.6% national TV ratings, or more than twice the viewers who watched its rival drama anthology in GMA “Magpakailanman” which only scored 17.1%. In the story, Alex portrayed Pinky, a loving daughter who endured all the maltreatment of her foster sister just to ensure that she would finish her studies through the help of her adoptive parents.

Meanwhile, new Kapamilya actress Meg Imperial will star in the upcoming “MMK” episode this Saturday (August 10). Meg will play the role of Brenda, a hardworking lady who grew up with a lot of insecurities. Her view of self ever got worse when her first boyfriend cheated on her, making her believe that no one will truly love her.

Together with Meg in the upcoming “MMK” episode are Brenna Garcia, Bryan Santos, Angeli Gonzales, Melanie Marquez, William Martinez, and KitKat. It was researched by Akeem Jordan del Rosario, written by Mark Duane Angos, and directed by Dado Lumibao.

Don’t miss the longest-running drama anthology in Asia, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK), Saturday nighs, after “Wansapanataym” on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to, follow MMKOfficial on Twitter, and “like”­MMKOfficial.

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    if you were following the MBS Commentary, You know what a big deal today could be. Markets have been preparing for it for weeks and MBS Live members have been on top of those movements every step of the way.

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    Jaime I tend to agree that the site should probably stop making rate predictions as each and every connection between MBS and rates (for the time being). may well, can frequently, Should lowers. It has been a constant theme during the last 2 3 weeks that rates will decline and the day after the “sprain” Was the larger day to kick things off. We see luxury crusie ship tomorrow and in the next few days. If we dont see it then, Probably wont see rates go lower any time soon. happening my best guess.

    What was odd to me was there was recent post that we should not look to the 13th as the magic bullet and things may not improve from these levels after the 13th. IWhat is frsutrating for someone who has followed this service for sometime is we gone from an almost certainty that rates will go lower in mid Jan to don count on it.

    In the past it been a great source for comprehending the direction of rates, But now things are so messed up I would take any advice with a touch of suspicion. I don blame them as they are no cotrol over it, Just [url=]russian babes[/url] wish I didn listen to the recommendation.

    Brian and Nate I would agree they been spot on inside regards to MBS, But as of now rates are worse today then 1 2 weeks ago.

    And we have seen a ton of coverage about the roll, And rates should decline from these levels but it has never been defined as to what levels they posting about. In CA the lows are now at 4.50% at par to maybe the little rebate, And now you find days we seeing 5.00% par and no discount at higher rates (Or at least hardly at all).

    Kevin I would shop for newer and more effective lenders to run your deals through. I have at least 3 that happen to be paying enough rebate to do a 0 point loan at 4.75 4.875% today on a 30 year. for the 4.5% is worried, that had been a crock. The only lender I saw that low was Flagstar and the website was down so you couldn lock, Dangled the carrot but we couldn focus on it. Then an hour later rates were save. Bottom line is folks who wants sell a 30 year fixed at 4.875% with 0 points your missing a lot of venture.

    You guys on the search for someone to blame or what? Last time I checked, could be MBS blog, Not the main “Run around and check with each lender individual tradeflow essential things and attempt to determine how much extra margins they will add to MBS” write. You forgive my candor, But if anyone thinks that anyone else would are able to account for every individual lender business conditions, Then you don understand why business enough to be using this site. As far as MBS we have been, And frauds right on. MBS prices have continued upskill and are holding near all time highs. Beyond MBS expense, there isn’t much we can do about the disconnect between MBS and lender rates.

    plus, If you go back and read the archived articles or content, You find time and time again that February, NOT January has been referenced as the month in which I think things offers you improved markedly.

    regarding the roll, If the impression came across that there would be a certain fundamental shift that would run it full course today, [url=]russian women[/url] I pitiful. But sellers of MBS won even have their money from settlement until late this afternoon. Discussing the 13th was to inform you that that when settlement occurred, And that when funding lines would be reset which could gradually give way to price developments as liquidity based competition would resurface.

    As far as that presenting itself, Get back to me when January has run it course and when we get to see how the initial “good month” Claim of feb,march trades for a bit. If you still uncover someone to blame, I ship a dart board with my picture on it.

    What is so funny is none of you have answered my original doubts about rates and the direction of rates. mr. Smith is alone with a forecast, But he thinks i still need instruction. But i ask themselves if Mr. Smith is man enough arrive at the blog after feb 24 and say he was wrong? Matt and Adam are people who said, (drift till the 13th) Well that was wrong. I know banks are not passing the money on, Maybe more attention should be in line with the ten year treasury then the mbs rate, I think lehman brothers recognised, Look were they are now.

    I also agree with Jamie when she references the banks not passing on the savings. I was getting frustrated with the banks and the current situation but I locked at a great rate today and I moving on. She also has a point about people looking over this blog and expecting to see those rates, I was in that float boat too. That what overwhelmed me, I knew rates should be lower but credit institutes wouldn share those rates.

    If I was brave enough I would stuck it out for some more weeks, But is the stress worth another.25%, I don are thinking so.

    JMO, But it seems things are all based on assumptions anymore and we need to get back to facts. Were if or when Jamie is a girl, But he/she can be quite a guy. Were assuming rates should be 4% and if you look at the facts they must be close. Last year presumptions drove oil prices up when the facts should kept them lower. When the Fed decided to buy MBS I was hoping the facts would drive down rates to help the working people of this country and instead I seeing banks make a profit on the spread. There alot of good people and companies not making it based on assumptions and it getting old!

    Been cited a couple times that Adam and I were “drastically wrong, Thing is that past posts have said things would be superior AFTER the role. wedding and reception roll begins tomorrow. also, could be MBS blog and MBS have improved as anticipated for the reasons anticipated. If you guys are out there making decisions based on that without educating yourselves on the opportunity of individual habits of lenders or guideline changes to have an impact, that your choice of fault, Not quarry. one more time, In accurately leaving comments on MBS, My job is done. thus, I be extra sure to qualify right after between MBS and individual lenders so people that don understand the differences can sleep at night. My biggest mistake so far has been not communicating that if you don realize what at stake here, Or the standards effecting it, Then a person has no business floating.

  5. mmk undisputed no 1 magpakailanman.

  6. well done 🙂

  7. Dapat Dimples Romana & Alex Gonzaga’s MMK! Mas gumanda yung episode dahil sa great portrayal ni Dimples! Sya ang nagdala ng episode!

  8. Anonymous // August 8, 2013 at 1:19 am //

    bwahaha !! wala ang mga fantard ng gma ngaun .. alam kasi nila na talo talaga..

  9. kantar pwede ba ilabas mo rin ang mega manila ratings!

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