Max Collins Takes the Showbiz Splash

Beaming as she sat down for a quick chat while taking a break from rehearsals for “SundayAll Stars”, Max Collins looked as fresh as ever. Casting a quick glance at her laid-back charm, you’d never guess that the actress was juggling an independent film, a musical-variety show and acting lessons.

max collins

“I have too much on my plate right now,” she confessed. “It’s my first time to work on an independent film and I find that the attack is very different. Sa indie film kasi parang you have to be more subtle with your acting unlike sa teleserye na talagang big emotions dapat kung minsan. Siyempre iba rin kasi yung setting namin compared sa studio.”

With her packed schedule, it’s amazing to see that she’s free of any signs of stress and worry. So how does the actress do it? She tunes the world out with music. “I need to have music with me all the time even at home. My TV set is always on a music video channel,” Max shared. The Kapuso artist listens to a wide range of music but has her top picks for bands that she’d be honored to work with on a music video. “Wow! Maroon 5!” she exclaimed. “Also Black Eyed Peas and Coldplay,” she ecstatically said.

Max also visits a spa and practices yoga to help her unwind. “I do yoga as much as I can and I run. I’m actually lucky with Sunday All Stars kasi it’s like I get a free workout every week,” she replied referring to her team’s practice sessions. Max is a member of “Tweethearts”, the group is known for giving intense performances every week. “I love our team, I love our creativity kasi laging baliw ang mga concept namin,” she expressed. Watch for Max and the rest of Tweethearts this Sunday as they present their first performance under a new team leader. You can vote for their team online on the show’s official fan page at You can also keep posted on the actress on Twitter at and on Instagram at

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