Lovi Poe Gets Deglamorized in Dokyuserye ‘Titser’

Lovi Poe helps out: Behind the scenes of GMA News TV's "Titser" GMA News TV’s new original series "Titser," which follows in the footsteps of Bayan Ko, is being shot like an indie film or documentary – with minimal lights, no air-conditioned tents or portalets, no special food for the artists.

LoviPoe Titser

TITSER’s leading lady Lovi Poe is deglamorized in this TV series about a smart barrio lass struggling to become a teacher but facing many obstacles along the way.

On set, Lovi has even been caught helping out the production crew, surprising everyone with her gung ho attitude. Here, she’s seen gathering tall grass to cover equipment cables – along with the rest of the “Titser” staff — so the shoot could commence quickly.

“Titser” is set to premiere on Sunday, August 4 on GMA News TV Channel 11. It will be preceded by a primer episode featuring behind the scenes footage and interviews, which will air on Sunday, July 28.

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