Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino Earn Positive Reactions from Viewers of ‘Yesterday’s Bride’

With chemistry glowing and flowing smoothly between them, two of the hottest Kapuso stars Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino are getting viewers' attention for their performances in the on-going afternoon prime series "Yesterday's Bride."

Proof of this is the impressive ratings garnered by the show since it debuted last October 29. Having worked together in the past for the four-part TV special entitled “Mistaken Identity,” their acting naturally melts into each other, providing this latest drama series a strong footing which is maximizing its potential.

Herself describing her “Yesterday’s Bride” role as the “most quiet I have ever played”, Lovi as Andrea Manalo appears perfect for Rocco’s Justin Ramirez, which he, on the other hand, counts as his “first mature role.”

“I am used to playing independent and strong women. It’s different this time around, more of being the martyr-type. It’s challenging because there are adjustments in my attack, coming from strong female characters,” shares the actress who has been surprising audiences with her provocative performances in movies like “Sagrada Familia”, My Neighbor’s Wife,””Aswang” and “Tiktik.”

In this series directed by Gil Tejada, Jr., Andrea, a simple, loving, blue-collar worker, and Justin, son of a wealthy couple who own a furniture factory where the former is employed, fall in love with each other and are headed for a dream wedding, only to be derailed by a tragedy of epic proportions.

A car accident postpones the scheduled wedding and sends Andrea to a hospital in a coma, with doctors finding out she is pregnant. Mysteriously the place is later gutted out by fire while she is still confined, giving Justin and family members surrounding them the impression that she died with it.

But fate, however, intervenes and she wakes up in time to escape from the fire and into the care of one Dr. Celso Agustin (Luis Alandy). As a result of these tragic sequences, she forgets her past and adopts a new name, Lorraine. She and the doctor fall for each other, but quickly finds herself in a dilemma when she recovers her memory and that of the groom she is supposed to marry.

Lovi adds, “It’s not that easy to create nuances for a new role. But this is where the excitement lies as it will definitely test your range as an actress.”

It took almost two years to find the right project for the re-teaming up of the Lovi-Rocco tandem, both of whom are belonging to the GMA Artist Center stable of talents. But it’s worth the wait as the series has been earning positive reactions from critics and fans. The former Second Prince Starstruck titlist, who previously acted with Kylie Padilla in the “Good Daughter,” is being noted for his convincing portrayal of the rich-good boy leading man figure. The Award winning actress/ Horror Movie Princess to her credit gets the compliment for her effective underacting.

“Yesterday’s Bride” also features Miss Ara Mina, Karel Marquez and Emilio Garcia as lead antagonists, while Mark Bautista plays a close friend of Dr. Agustin. It airs every Monday to Friday, after Eat Bulaga! on GMA-7.

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