‘Kabayan Reports: Gusto Kong Mag-aral’ Airs this Sunday

Filipino students in urban areas encounter the usual problems of inadequate classrooms, textbooks, and teachers every year. But this does not compare to what public schoolchildren in remote parts of the country go through each day -- even at the peril of their health and lives — just to go to school.


On Sunday (June 23), veteran broadcast journalist “Kabayan” Noli de Castro presents “Kabayan Reports: Gusto Kong Mag-Aral,” a documentary that depicts the extraordinary determination and dedication of these ordinary students to go to school in spite of life-and-death challenges that prevent access to basic and quality education. Kabayan Noli also highlights their teachers’ commitment to their profession, who oftentimes go even beyond the call of duty.

Kabayan personally went to the farthest and most inaccessible villages in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, including a few indigenous communities. There, he experienced firsthand, crossing a river 24 times, just to reach the school in the middle of a forest in Zamboanga City, and climbing steep and muddy slopes with Blaan children to get to their school in Sitio Nabol in Sarangani. He will also report on the plight of schoolchildren in Sitio Paglitao, Antipolo City and Maslog, Eastern Samar.

“My heart goes out to the indigenous people,” Kabayan Noli admits, “because their homes are extremely far from their schools. Basic services barely reach them, so the problems in the city are nothing compared to what they have to endure.”

These are just the physical challenges that confront many young Filipino public schoolchildren in the countryside. Although the Department of Education is doing its best to help them, its efforts are hardly felt due in the remote communities.


This Kabayan documentary will demonstrate how the students—as well as their families and teachers— despite the difficulties, continually strive to study in school to be able to learn and have a better life.

“Kabayan Reports: Gusto Kong Mag-aral” airs this Sunday (June 23) on ABS-CBN Sunday’s Best.” For updates, visit

3 Comments on ‘Kabayan Reports: Gusto Kong Mag-aral’ Airs this Sunday

  1. berto of cebu // August 22, 2014 at 8:12 am //

    we love children

  2. After my wife and I watched this documentary, immediately we wanted to help these children. We want to donate school supplies. Although all the schools need supplies, we felt 2 teachers need help more than the rest. The two teacher who were the only teachers in that province. The young lady who crossed the narrow bridge, streams, muddy hill sides. The male teacher who wrote his lessons on a broken down chalk board. Pls post their school address so we can send some needed supplies and clothing.
    Thank you

  3. kapamilya // June 20, 2013 at 11:17 am //

    at least tumutulong siya sa mga tao nagiilangang ng education. hindi katulad ng iba dyan kung ano-ano sinasabi.

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