Pinoy Power: Top 10 Philippine Festivals

Philippines is the ultimate haven for festivities. There is no doubt that this country is the bastion of the most colorful, fantastic and blithesome festivals in the world! It only proves how rich our culture is and how our nation works hand in hand to preserve the tradition of our forefathers. Amidst the challenges that we face, the Filipino people continually thrive to show to the world what we are made of. Our various festivals are testaments as to how firm the foundation of our culture is.

On that note, Starmometer presents the top festivals in the Philippines:


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With the dazzling and flamboyant costumes displayed on its world-renowned parade; with the lively sound of drums, gongs and other numerous musical instruments that echoes in the city during the festivity; with the streets filled with enthusiastic dancing locals; truly, Sinulog is the best festival in the country! This festival devoted to Sto. Niño has a rich religious cultural history, which amplifies its beauty and significance. Sinulog happens every January. The traditional two steps forward and one step backward dancing routine of the devotees while chanting ‘Pit Señor!’ is a main attraction that tourists emulate during their annual visit! But more than anything else, the unity and hard work that the Cebuanos demonstrate in making this tradition historic every year, is what makes Sinulog truly astonishing!


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February is the time of the year when Baguio is transformed into an enormous garden filled with various flowers which are being decorated everywhere! It’s the season when people celebrate the blossoming of flowers; the season when Baguio is enveloped in exceptional floral designs – from attires, to booths, to floats. Panagbenga is undeniably a celebration of what nature can do in bringing the best out of a place. Additionally, it’s a festivity which aims to restore the tradition of the indigenous people, while allowing the younger generation to discover such a rich culture embedded in the city’s history. More than the floral parades and the floral presentations, Panagbenga is a testimony to the ever blossoming culture of Baguio and its people.


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Everything is good in the city of Davao! With the abundance of agricultural products in the region, it has become one of the top importers and exporters in the country, paving the way for income-generating endeavors for the Davaoeños! And to celebrate such bountiful blessings that are continually pouring to this region in the Philippines is Kadayawan! This festival that happens on August celebrates anything that’s good through a street dance competition where groups showcase various ethnic dances; through a parade of designed gigantic floats; and through various exhibits of the city’s agricultural products. It is also the time of the year when indigenous people are hailed for their contribution in the community! Kadayawan is a way to recognize the many tribes whom have enriced the heritage and culture of this bountiful city for many years!


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  1. Dingyang is now the number one festival in the Philippines…… And yong pic na ginamit for ati Atihan was wrong…. That was also from dinagyang….

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