Kree Harrison – ‘Perfect’ – American Idol 12 Top 3 (Video)

Kree Harrison sang Pink's "Perfect" on American Idol season 12 Top 3 performance show. The song was Jimmy Iovine's choice for her.


I love the country vibe to it but Randy said it lacks pizazz.

Keith Urban said “That song choice for me proves you are a country girl. No matter what you sing, you have a signature sound.”

Nicki Minaj said “The quality of your voice is warm and pleasant. You didn’t seem as nervous as last week. Next time wear flat cowboy boots and come on and rock it.”

Randy Jackson said “I didn’t love that song for you. You just kind of settled in. You sounded good but it layed a little flat for me.”

Mariah Carey said “That was an interesting song choice by Jimmie. I like the message coming from you.”

Watch the video here:

Kree Harrison 1st song, Top 3 ~ American Idol 2013 by HumanSlinky

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