How to ‘Supervote’ for Adriana Latonio on American Idol Season 12

Fox is introducing the "SuperVote" on American Idol Season 12, a new online voting method in which viewers can cast multiple votes at once. Find out how to "supervote" for the Pinay aspirant Adriana Latonio!

Adriana Latonio

Cast 50 votes for Adriana Latonio at once by downloading the American Idol mobile app. You can also “SuperVote” for Adriana on Facebook.

To download the American Idol App:

Get it on iTunes: iOS

Get it on Google Play: Android

And to cast your vote via Facebook, click HERE.

Please take note that online voting will begin immediately following the first two-hour performance show. You can starting voting for Adriana around 11:00am to 12:00noon today, March 6 (Manila Time).

Photo Credit: Fox

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