The ‘Smart Live All Out Event’ Kicks Off in Boracay

SMART, the leader in mobile, dares the youth to "live all out" this summer via the #SmartLiveAllOut event which kicked-off in the beautiful island of Boracay on Friday, May 3, 2013.

Smart Live All Out Wall

The very first “Live All Out” event was held in Boracay Uptown Station 2 where you can see SMART sail boats nearby.

Sail Boats

The event’s theme was “Dare, Share and Live More” where participants in Boracay tried out exciting dares and game booths from sun up to sun down.


People simply showed their SMART Prepaid sim and they got a free pass at the event and chance to win cool prizes.


One of the dares was the push-up challenge. Some Bora hunks showcased their strength by doing as many push-ups as they can while a beautiful fashion blogger sits on their back.

Push Up Challenge

Some bloggers took the sand angel dare challenge. Guess who’ve won among the three?


Aside from the dare stations and game booths, the event also featured uber-fun attractions like the Wild Slide.

The Wild Slide

It’s an all-out wide super slide where participants can collect colored balls at the bottom to earn points.

The Wild Slide 2

A brave few tried the “Super Spin Machine.” If you can do this, you’ll definitely earn big points.

Super Spin Machine

And of course, participants can also collect points at the “Bungee Ball,” a reverse bungee trampoline with larger-than-life hoops and basketballs.


And the “All Out Run,” a motion sensor-activated life size version of Temple Run.


Spotted on the event are DJ Slick Rick, Tony Toni, and Sam YG of Boys’ Night Out…


…And male supermodel Daniel Matsunaga and Gwiyomi cutie Teejay Marquez:

Daniel Matsunaga and Teejay Marquez

At sun down, people chilled out to the relaxing music of various bands at the “All Out Music Festival” in Boracay Uptown Station 2. And before the clock strikes 12, the party started and the crowd went wet and wild to the pulsating beats of DJ Callum David who, by the way, was wearing a mysterious robe that night.

Callum David

So get ready as SMART is about to bring the “Live All Out” event in other venues like Puerto Galera in Mindoro, Ortigas, Taguig, Cavite, Baguio, Pampanga, Palawan, Cebu, and Zamboanga in the succeeding weeks so you too can also dare, share and live more!

You can also win a Samsung Galaxy S4 by posting your own “Live All Out” moment on the beach on Instagram. Simply include the hashtag #SmartLiveAllOut in your post to qualify.

For more information about Smart Live All Out, visit

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