Kidlat and Cassandra Warrior Angel – The Superhero Crossover (Video)

This is soooo COOL! Check out the highly-anticipated superhero crossover on TV5 - Kidlat meets Cassandra Warrior Angel. The teaser video you should not miss!

Kidlat Cassandra Crossover

TV5’s top-rating program “Kidlat” ends its first season with an epic superhero crossover this week. In the final 5 episodes of the series, Kidlat (played Derek Ramsay) finds an ally in the newest superhero in town, the warrior angel Cassandra.

Kidlat Cassandra Crossover 2

Primetime Princess Eula Caballero suits up and joins Kidlat as they fend off forces of evil. This superhero pairing not only gives way to the much-anticipated airing of “Cassandra: Warrior Angel” (slated to replace Kidlat), but also gives hope to fans of the show that TV5 will come up with new and exciting superheroes in the future.

Watch the teaser video here:

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