Akihiro Blanco Continues His Adventure as ‘Robin Dude’ in ‘Istorifik: Pidol’s Kwentong Fantastik’

Robin Dude is out to save the day as his adventures continue every Sunday on Istorifik: Pidol’s Kuwentong Fanstatik. Artista Academy alumni Akihiro Blanco and Chanel Morales are showcased in their first major show after the artista reality search.

Robin Dude

Akihiro plays Hiro, a young man who grew up in the slums. Whenever danger beckons, he wields a magic bow and arrow that turn him to the masked hero, Robin Dude. Hiro’s alter ego battles the evil forces led by the witch Mortianna (played by Bing Loyzaga). She wants to get a hold of Robin Dude’s weapons to help her attain everlasting youth and beauty.

Playing the apple of Hiro’s eye is Chanel in the role of Marian, a young student who is part of an immersion group in Hiro’s community. Despite Hiro’s proclamations of affection, Marian ironically only has eyes for his alter ego, Robin Dude.

Mortianna’s patience is wearing thin with the hooded hero, especially since she is up against the clock in her mission. Robin Dude has already vanquished two of her evil minions – a werewolf and a vampire in the past two episodes of Istorifik. More evildoers are waiting to be unleashed, as Robin will try to escape the charms of a snake lady and ultimately battle Mortianna herself.

Find out in the next two Sundays if good triumphs over evil. Istorifik: Pidol’s Kuwentong Fanstatik airs at 6:30pm on TV5.

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