C-Interactive Promo: Buy 2 DVDs for Only P1,195.00

C-Interactive is implementing a "BUY 2 P750.00 DVDs for only P1,195.00" instead of P1,500.00 which can save you P305.00! That's like P445.00 Only on your next Php750.00 DVD Purchase. Promo is only good for the month of April so check out the mechanics after the jump.

500X500 (2)

Participating Titles:

DREDD DVD, Perks of Being A Wallflower DVD, Silent Hill: Revelation DVD, Rurouni Kenshin DVD, The Possession DVD, Step Up: Revolution DVD, What To Expect When You’re Expecting DVD, The Cabin In The Woods DVD, The Cold Light Of Day DVD, Man On A Ledge DVD, The Hunger Games (Single Disc) DVD…

And all New Release DVDs priced at Php750.00 EXCEPT for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Extended Edition DVD, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Single Disc DVD & Resident Evil Box Set.


1. Purchase Requirement: Customers must buy any 2 of the participating titles at the same time for a discounted price of Php1,195.00, Instant Savings OFF of Php305.00!

2. Promo Period : April 2, 2013 to April 30, 2013

3. Limitations: The “Buy 2 Php750.00 DVDs at Php1,195.00 save Php305.00” promo shall apply only to customers who bought 2 C-Interactive DVDs priced at Php750.00 each at the same day with the same sales invoice number.

4. This promo is applicable only to 2 DVDs at a time, if the customer wishes to purchase 3rd DVD at Php750.00, he/she must pay the full PHp750.00 OR he/she can avail of another “Buy 2 Php750.00 DVDs at Php1,195.00 save Php305.00” promo.

5. Customers who already bought the DVD and wishes to participate in The “Buy 2 Php750.00 DVDs at Php1,195.00 & save Php305.00” promo, can send a picture of their sales receipt or the DVD box of any of the participating titles (DREDD DVD, The Perks of Being A Wallflower DVD, Rurouni Kenshin DVD, Silent Hill: Revelation DVD & The Possession DVD) and email it to to avail of their Php305.00 OFF savings coupon on their next DVD Php750.00 purchase.

6. C-Interactive in return will send the customer a Savings Coupon of Php305.00 for The “Buy 2 Php750.00 DVDs at Php1,195.00 save Php305.00” promo, which they can print out and bring with them when they want to avail of the promo.

7. Customer with the Savings coupon, can avail the Php305.00 OFF Savings on any of the participating titles mentioned above. Ex. If the customer wants to buy the Step Up: Revolution DVD (or any participating titles listed) priced at Php750.00, customer will pay only Php445.00 WITH the Php305.00 OFF Savings Coupon presented.

8. A stock monitoring sheet will be provided to all outlets where the customer is required to sign upon availing of the coupon.

9. The Php305.00 OFF Savings Coupon and the Php305.00 discount as well can only be applied to next purchase of above mentioned participating titles and NOT to any other titles.

10. The P305.00 OFF Savings Coupon and the P305.00 discount as well can be used and applied on purchasing one (1) title and can be used once only.

11. No Php305.00 OFF Savings Coupon, No Php305.00 discount policy will be strictly implemented. Therefore, customer must present the coupon in order to get the participating title/s at discounted price.

12. You can only use the Savings Coupon on the store/branch where you purchased your first Php750.00 DVD of C-Interactive.

13. The Savings Coupon does not apply with any other promo.

14. The Savings Coupon is not for resale and void if reproduced oraltered.

15. The Savings Coupon is unique and duplication can be detected, the store reserves the right to turn down any Savings Coupon presented once duplication of theSavings Coupon is detected.

16. Redemption Outlets: The Php305.00 OFF Savings Coupon is redeemable in any and all outlets of Astrovision & Astroplus, Odyssey & O’Music & Video Outlets Nationwide.

17. Promo Duration and Validity: April 2, 2013 to April 30, 2013.

A special price for selected titles are also being implemented on C-Interactive’s Summer Offer, check it out (click to enlarge):

Summer offer2

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