Olay Conversations with Crickette Tantoco

Crickette Tantoco, in an interview by Boy Abunda for a webisode of “Olay Conversations,” speaks about her insecurities, the realities of ageing and how she achieved a good work-life balance.


A constant fixture in Philippine lifestyle and society columns and magazine covers, Crickette Tantoco is one of those beautiful women we think we all know. Scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find a beautiful woman, a gem sparkling with wisdom and insight that everyone can learn from. Crickette talks about the advantages of looking good in a corporate environment, being married to a handsome man, the importance of laughter, conversations in relationships, staying relevant and the realities of ageing. Crickette is a woman made more beautiful by her experiences, her unique point of view and a candidness that comes from being truly genuine.

Watch the “Olay Conversations” webisode featuring Crickette Tantoco here:

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