Kidlat’s Shocking Twist – Death of Nadine Samonte’s Character Unleashes New Villains

Last week’s shocking twist in TV5’s hit show "Kidlat" had everyone talking. Fans of the popular superhero series were stunned by the unexpected death of Lara played by Nadine Samonte. Lara is a fan favorite especially those who are rooting for the love pairing of Nadine and lead star Derek Ramsay.

Kidlat stunned

With this major shake-up, viewers are ever eager to find out what’s in store for their hero. In the upcoming episodes, Voltaire will grieve over the death of the woman he loves. But his pain and suffering doesn’t end there. Blaming Kidlat for the death of Lara, Vincent (Baron Geisler) will unleash a batch of super villains to take down the electrifying hero.

Who are these villains and how will Kidlat beat them? Follow the exciting journey of Kidlat, weeknights 6:45PM on TV5.

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