Netizens’ Choice Awards – Bloggers’ Choice for Favorite TV Station of the Year

Starmometer, LionhearTV and Showbiznest facilitated a series of polls since November 10 that will determine the unified choice of Filipino Netizens in movies, music, radio and television for 2012. But the Best TV Network of the Year will be decided by our "Board of Bloggers." Check out their votes!

Starmometer, LionhearTV and Showbiznest joined forces in giving the Filipino netizens the power to choose their favorite local celebrities, TV programs, radio programs, music and movies. The online polls started last November 10 and the results will be revealed soon!

As for the Favorite TV Station of the Year, our “Board of Bloggers” will decide the winner via a writing project.

And our Board of Bloggers voted for…

Adrian Benipayo – ABS-CBN

Amazing Jing – ABS-CBN

Ang Sawari Ko – ABS-CBN

Anything and Everything’s Free – ABS-CBN

Arabian Josh – ABS-CBN

Around The Buzz – GMA Network

AthenaTria – ABS-CBN

AXL Powerhouse – ABS-CBN

Bernard Umali – ABS-CBN

Bisalog – TV5

Bits of Rocks – GMA Network

Black Sheep’s Lair – GMA Network

Bum-Spot – ABS-CBN

Christian Lizardo Aligo – ABS-CBN

Cine-Mania – Cinema One

Curly Dianne – ABS-CBN

Eccentric Yet Happy – ABS-CBN

Echusera – GMA Network

Jo Bonsol – ABS-CBN

Kampeon ng Pag-ibig – ABS-CBN

Karenade – GMA Network

Kumagcow – ABS-CBN

Lifetyle Hub – ABS-CBN

Lifestyle Portal – Studio 23

Lucky Finds – TV5

Madma – ABS-CBN

Manual to Lyf – TV5

Marcelo Santos III – ABS-CBN

Mighty Maustrap – ABS-CBN

Mommy’s Mag Life – ABS-CBN

My-Juicy – ABS-CBN

My Random Bucket – ABS-CBN

Nite Writer – ABS-CBN

Ohmski – GMA News TV

Purple Plum Fairy – TV5

Pusang Kalye – ABS-CBN

Rad Lontoc – GMA News TV

Rain de Ocampo – GMA Network

Rockyrics – TV5

Semidoppel – GMA Network

The Power of Positive Thinking – ABS-CBN

The Web Magazine – GMA Network

Travel on Shoestring – ABS-CBN

TV sEriEs cRaZe – ABS-CBN

Unsung Jero – GMA Network

Wake Up and Smell the Ylangylangs – ABS-CBN

Wazzup Pilipinas – GMA Network

Wentot – ABS-CBN

Woman Avenue – GMA Network



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