1st Netizens’ Choice Awards Kicks Off this November 10

The critics, the teachers, the Catholic leaders, the students, the press people and the broadcasters have all awarded their “choices” for TV, Films, Radio and Music this year. It’s about time that YOU have the power to say your picks!

The Philippines has a total of 29.8 million Facebook and 9.5 million Twitter users, 8th and 9th in the world respectively. That means more than 30% of the population are what we call “netizens” or those who spend at least 1 hour a day online. Isn’t it interesting to know what these internet-savvy Filipinos watch on TV and films, what music are they listening, who they admire, etc.? After all, they dictate the trending topics everyday.

Starmometer, LionhearTV and Showbiznest join forces in giving the Filipino netizens the power to choose their favorite local celebrities, TV programs, music and movies. Starting November 10, everyone who has access to the internet can cast their vote in various Netizens’ Choice Awards categories via the three entertainment blogs. Some of these categories are as follows:

  • Favorite Drama Series
  • Favorite Comedy Program
  • Favorite Variety Show
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Actor in a TV Series
  • Favorite Actress in a TV Series
  • Favorite Movie Actor
  • Favorite Movie Actress
  • Favorite Movie of the Year
  • Favorite Song of the Year
  • Favorite Male Recording Artist
  • Favorite Female Recording Artist
  • Favorite TV Host
  • Favorite Newscaster
  • Favorite Song of the Year

Meanwhile, Filipino bloggers will decide the winner for the BEST TV NETWORK OF THE YEAR category. They will cast their vote on which Philippine Television Network excelled in the last twelve months. This special poll will also be conducted by Showbiznest and LionhearTV, and the network that will received the highest number of votes will win the “Bloggers’ Choice for Best TV Network” award.


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