‘Juan Ponce Enrile, A Memoir’ E-Book Edition is Now Available for Digital Download

The e-book edition of Juan Ponce Enrile, A Memoir is now available for download through the Amazon Kindle Store.

In its announcement, ABS-CBN Publishing cited the phenomenal interest in the Senate President’s book and the widespread use of tablet devices for book consumption. With millions of units sold, the Kindle is the most widely used e-book reading device. And with over one million titles in its library, the Kindle Store is the largest bookstore of its kind in the world.

Released last September, the much talked-about Enrile memoir sold out in just two days and is currently on its third reprint. With the announcement of its availability on the Kindle, readers from all over the world will finally have the convenience of getting the book wherever they are. Priced at $19.99, the e-book edition can be downloaded in minutes and transferred to one’s gadget of choice.

Aside being viewed from the Kindle device, once purchased the e-book can be viewed on Apple’s iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, and web browsers using the Kindle Reading App which can be downloaded for free.

ABS-CBN Publishing is also expected to announce the launch of the Enrile Memoir on the Apple iBookstore within the next few days.

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