Anne Curtis Wants You to Choose

There is no doubt that Anne Curtis is one of the most talented female celebrities in the country today.

[Photo courtesy of Karl Orteza]

Acting-wise, Anne is versatile. She can do comedy (“Ang Cute ng Ina Mo”), fantasy (“Dyosa”), drama (“A Secret Affair”), romance (“Babe, I Love You”) and even horror (“Wag Kang Lilingon”). And as a proof that she’s one of the best actresses of this generation, she recently won a FAMAS Award for her performance in the highest-grossing dramatic movie of all time, “No Other Woman.”

Singing-wise, Anne is unique. She may not be among the 100 (or one thousand, or ten thousand or 1 million) best singers in the country but she is one of just a few who can fill the Big Dome when she peforms. Furthermore, she’s a platinum recording artist. Her album “Annebisyosa” has reached gold status in just two weeks and platinum status in just two months!

Dancing-wise, Anne is adventurous. She can do the Gangnam style with flair and she can also do the extreme acts that are beyond dancing like a heart-stopping circus performance that she did in “It’s Showtime” yesterday.

That’s why the free-spirited Anne is asking you a question about her talents:

Let us know your answer in the comments below or tweeting your answers with the #SmartFreedom hashtag!

So what do you think is Anne’s edge why she can do all these things?

The answer: FREEDOM. She’s free to do whatever she wants.

That’s why when it comes to mobile postpaid, she’s recommending the SMART Freedom Plan.

Freedom means YOU have a choice. Pay only for what you use, pwede pang mag-choose!

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