Star Athletes, Dancing Boy Wonder Grace ‘Game ‘N Go’ this Sunday

four sports personalities and the sensational dancing boy wonder from Talentadong Pinoy Kids will visit TV5's "Game ‘N Go" this Sunday.

Get ready for another wacky episode of Game ‘N Go this coming Sunday as United Football League (UFL) hotties Aly Borromeo and Nate Burkey go up against PBA legends Atoy Co and Bong Hawkins on Face It with gamekeepers Arnell Ignacio and Gelli de Belen.

Meanwhile, Talentadong Pinoy Kids finalist Josh will make his debut on the show with a breakout dance routine that’s sure to amaze audiences.

For these and more doses of Sunday family fun, tune in to Game ‘N Go at 12 noon only on TV5.

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