Lady Gaga’s Vogue Cover Retouched Excessively

Lady Gaga's cover for Vogue magazine's special anniversary issue has been extremely retouched.

Everyone knows magazine covers get retouched to make the celebrity look his/her best with the help of Photoshop. However, this photo of Lady Gaga for the anniversary issue of Vogue Magazine has been extremely modified, and the popstar is proud of it!

Check out this photo from Vogue’s behind the scenes montage of Lady Gaga’s photoshoot:

[Photo Credit: Vogue]

Have you noticed that the Marc Jacobs purple number is bulky and unflattering for Lady Gaga‘s figure? Or is Mother Monster just gaining some pounds recently?

However, with the magic of Photoshop, here’s the finished product:

[Photo Credit: Vogue]

Have you also noticed that the hair is far from the styled mane on the cover? It’s almost cartoonish.

Do you think the airbrushing went a little too far?

Lady Gaga doesn’t think so.

She uploaded the photo on Twitter with the message:

““I’m a COVER GIRL, and it’s FAB!”

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