Eugene Domingo, Arnell Ignacio Get Emotional on Monday’s ‘Face to Face’

Eugene Domingo and Arnell Ignacio will be the featured celebrity sawsawera and sawsawero on Monday’s episode of Face to Face.

Their mettle will be tested as yet another troubled web of characters seeks resolution through the top-rating program.

Uge admits to being a long-time fan of Face to Face because she remembers valuable life lessons after each episode. On Monday, both Uge and Arnell become emotional while discussing the plight of a pregnant young woman, the lover who left her and his mother. After learning of the young woman’s pregnancy, her lover leaves her for another woman—much to his mother’s frustration. Uge herself broke down during the episode’s taping.

Watch how Uge, Arnelli, Ateng Gelli and the Trio Tagapayo resolve this issue on Monday’s Face to Face.

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